CareCredit is here to make sure your loved ones get all the care they need.  We love our pets and we want to always make sure they get all the care they need, all the time.  The CareCredit healthcare credit card helps you manage those expenses that pop up at unexpected times and offers plans with no interest if paid in full within 6 months.  CareCredit doesn't stop at pet care; it's for everyone in the family.  It's easy to apply for CareCredit and you'll receive an answer almost immediately.  If you're approved, treatment can begin even before you get your card.  That's the whole idea-to help you get the care your pet needs, without delaying.   Please visit their website to learn more or to apply online. Applications are also available at our hospital front desk. 

Pet Insurance

Pet health insurance helps you pay your unexpected veterinary bills.  So if your pets have an accident or become ill, your first thoughts can be about their care, not your budget.  Please talk to one of our staff members about pet insurance plans.


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